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$99 Month to Month NO Contracts Service Repair

When you work in an office leasing one of our printer rentals or purchasing a printer is key. In fact, the printer-copier is the cornerstone of good business. Much like its email counterpart, the printer-copier affords companies the opportunity to communicate, share information, and schedule important business. Through the printer-copier, deals become documents that have the power to build new business or decimate old business; hire new employees, or sign off on expenditures. The printer-copier allows business to function, which is why you need one of our printer rentals.

Top of the Line Printer-Copiers

Not all printers are equal in quality, and that’s why at Vital Document Solutions we specialize in Konica Minolta printer rentals and purchases. Konica Minolta is the best brand in the business (with multiple awards to prove it) and we’ve focused our energy on selling, leasing, and servicing Konica Minolta printers in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Whether you are looking to buy, lease, or rent on a month-to-month basis, we can accommodate your business needs. Much like purchasing a car, there are advantages to each option, but the most common selection is to lease your Konica Minolta printer-copier.

Buy New

When you buy a brand new Konica Minolta printer-copier, you’re receiving a machine straight from the factory. With no history of use, your appliance will work like new and offer reliable results. When you buy a printer-copier new, you know with 100% certainty that your new printer-copier has no history of malfunctions.


Our experience with printer-copiers allows us to know exactly what to look for when choosing machinery to refurbish. We choose printer-copiers that have hardly been used, take the machine apart, repair any issues with the printer-copier, and build it again with new parts. At the end of the process, we often have a machine that is better than it was when it was new and will operate reliably for whichever client requests its use.

Leasing or Month-to-Month

Much like purchasing a car, sometimes leasing or renting month-to-month suits your needs best, which is why we accommodate both options. If you are running a tight ship or maybe working in a landscape that could change on a regular basis, renting month-to-month may be your best option. All businesses are different, and that’s why we provide service tailor-made to your business needs.

Our full-service package, offered with each purchase, lease, or printer rental option, guarantees maintenance within one to three hours of your service call. No longer will business effectively shut down when you run into a paper jam or other printer-copier related issues. The service also includes toner, developer, all parts, and labor.

We Work With You to Get the Best for Your Business

If you are interested in buying, leasing, or renting a Konica Minolta printer-copier, give us a call: according to the information you give us about the number of employees you manage, the type of business you conduct, and what you are looking for in a printer-copier, we’ll set you up with the perfect model of Konica Minolta to suit your needs. We also offer demos at our Santa Ana office where we are set up to provide training and a crash course on the products. We want to make sure we give the client an opportunity to see how the machine works and the features they have. This gives your business a chance to see firsthand what your needs are and which Konica Minolta equipment can meet them.

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